My daily affirmations 

I am grateful, yes I am grateful.

I am loving and lovable, yes I am loving and lovable. 

I am forgiving and forgivable, yes I am forgiving and forgivable.

I am a positive person, yes I am a positive person.

I am prosperous, yes I am prosperous.

I am abundance, yes I am abundance.

I am at peace within , yes I am at peace within. 

I am successful, yes I am successful.

I am connected to my source, yes I am connected to my source.

I am self love, yes I am self love. 

I am self aware, yes I am self aware 

I am confident, yes I am confident.

My 30 day challenge update

I have been focusing on what I want to achieve. I can see and feel things changing in my world. I am more grateful, I am seeing the good in both the good and bad times. I believe I will achieve my goal beause I believe in me. I am open minded and I accept change. I forgive myself and others daily until I get it right. I choose to see and focus greatness within myself and others. Rid myself of the victim role of blame and judgement. I just want to love and understand all the good God has in store for me along my journey of life

Yoga Time

I decided today I will start yoga for excercise and focus. I need both I can’t  seem to stay focused long when meditating. I’ve even tried the guided meditation its a little better but I still zone out, thoughts take over. As for exercise it seems to be the best for stretching and core strengthening. 

Self Love

Self love is the key to our being, without it we are never truly happy within

When you love yourself you improve yourself. Love who you are now and you will become a better you tomorrow. Don’t waste your time with excuses like, if I lose a few pounds or become a bit more successful I will be a better person. You are already a great person as you are so love yourself now. Remember happiness starts from within you, be the best you today

Beginning my Spiritual Journey

cropped-img_20171216_064701830171446I came across spirituality and law of attraction about 8 months ago. I was so interested in it I listened to, and read everything about it that came my way. From affirmations, meditation, yoga to learning my life purpose. I have learned to be more self aware. I started out listening to Louise Hay’s affirmations and Wayne Dyer’s seminars from other sites and postings R.I.P. to them both. Shout out to Hay House for their many books, seminars and affirmations. I then came across the movie The Secret it opened up the door of my mind to law of attraction. I became more eager to learn and practice it in my everyday life.  I started this blog as a way to reach out to other spiritualist. To share learn and grow together on this path. It is a blog/affiliate page with . I am just starting it so if you have any suggestions  or comments feel free to post. ❤💙💚💛💜